Valentine’s Outfits + Date Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day with your girlfriends, or thinking of things to do with your SO next week, I’ve got you covered! Below I’ve curated a few of my favorite outfits along with ideas I’m mulling over for this upcoming holiday ❤ ❤ ❤

At Home


This will probably be the most likely setting for our Valentine’s Day celebration (if you like low-key homebody activities 😉 ). Also, I am obsessed with this adorable little lounge set from AKG. First of all, it is locally made/designed, and the fabric is comfortable and so breathable! I’m not much of a lace lingerie girl, so for this occasion I wanted to find something modest, comfortable, and still feminine (and I can continue wearing this for the months to come!). Take a peek below for some date ideas, as well as links to what I’m wearing.

Home Date:

1.  Valentine’s Picnic Basket from Scanway (available February 10 – 19, 2017)

Who doesn’t love to have a romantic indoor picnic in their warm and cozy living room? You can choose between a number of options, plus they really got me when I read tenderloin, truffle, chocolate, and florentines. Pair it with your favorite bottle of wine, and you’ll be good to go. Yum.

2. Spa Night

Pamper yourselves by grabbing your favorite bath products, scented candles etc. and prepare to have a relaxing night in. See some of my favorite products below:

Blackberry Bath Bomb – Lush

Soft Coeur Massage Bar – Lush

Fresh Fig Honey Bath – Laura Mercier

Cocoa Butter Body Butter – The Body Shop

Tantra Massage Oil – Saje 

3. Weekend Getaway at Atlantica Oak Island

Bring your pjs for the weekend and prepare for an ultimately relaxing getaway. Have breakfast in bed, take cooking lessons, go wine tasting, and do yoga together.

What I’m Wearing: 

Chloe Bralette – AKG

Kate Brief  – AKG

*find them in-store at Makenew on 2468 Agricola St.



Okay, this blouse totally caught my eye when I first saw it – it carries the embroidery trend feel but uses velvet flowers instead! I paired it with a denim bottom to dress it down, but added a fun sandal heel (don’t you LOVE the faux fur?! I couldn’t help myself when I saw these babies online 😉 ). Obviously if you are doing an outdoor activity, I would recommend changing up the footwear to match the weather, but these were too fun to not share! Take a peek below for some date ideas, as well as links to what I’m wearing.

Casual Date:

1. Valentine’s Food Crawl

What is more fun than reminiscing with your sweetheart while chowing down on a Valentine’s themed food crawl? There are at least 20 stops, and under $10 at each location ❤

2. The Coast’s Valentine’s Doughball

A one hour dessert & wine tasting session from 11 local vendors – need I say more?

3. Curling Tournament of Broken Hearts – Good Robot

If you’re looking for something more active with a quirky theme, grab your friends (or another couple) and get your curl on!

What I’m Wearing: 

Devore Plunge Swing Top – TOPSHOP

Helena Straight Leg Jean – GRLFRND

Vamp Faux Fur Sandal – Zara (find similar ones here and here)



Here I wanted to share my take on “dressier” outfits without wearing a dress or skirt (while we’re still braving the cold winter, I’d much rather stick to pants 🙂 ). I love the play on feminine details with the wider sleeves, peek of skin, and softer tones, plus these are two outfits you can also bring into the Spring season! Take a peek below for some date ideas, as well as links to what I’m wearing.

Dressy Date:

1. Decadence – Savour Food & Wine Festival

Start your Valentine’s weekend off indulging at the Decadence event as part of the Savour Food & Wine Festival. I mean you really can’t go wrong when there’s cheese, chocolate, AND wine pairings involved.

2. Feeling the Love Dinner & Dance

A Valentine’s soiree for couples, singles, and friends – think funk, jazz, and cocktails!

What I’m Wearing: 

Edie Flute Sleeve Top – TOPSHOP

Domme Pant – Club Monaco

Ivette Sandal – Jimmy Choo

Brax Jimpsuit – Wilfred

Mod Tapestry Pouch – Wilfred


Fall/Winter 2

I cannot believe how busy the last few months have been! It feels like time is FLYING by. Anyway, below are a few of my favorite transitional Fall/Winter looks I’ve been sporting this season! What’s great about each piece is that they are mostly interchangeable with one another (and that is something I usually consider before I make a purchase – the more seasons I can wear, the better!). I’ve also been doing a bit of purging in my closet, and trying to go back to quality basics with the occasional interest piece or pop of color!

Look 1: Volume & Clean Cuts


What I’m Wearing:

Carleton Dress – Babaton

Salt and Pepper Knit Cardigan – Oak + Fort (similar one here and here)

Melanie Crop Retro – Citizens of Humanity (similar one here, or here)

Leather Mid Heel – Zara (similar one here, or here)

Look 2: Neck Tie Accessorizing


What I’m Wearing:

Christelle Blouse – Wilfred 

Birdie Skinny – Wilfred (similar one here or here)

Hedda Pant – 1-01 Babaton (similar one here, or here)

Embossed Leather Boot – Zara

Look 3: Playing with Delicate Fabrics


What I’m Wearing:

Henriette Blouse – Le Fou (similar one here, or here)

Le Straight Anchorage Jean – FRAME (similar one here, or here)

Leather Mid Heel – Zara (similar one here, or here)

Look 4: Boyish Pairings


What I’m Wearing:

Bertillon Blouse – Wilfred

Serment Sweater – Wilfred

Jallade Pant – Wilfred

Cocentric Square – Babaton

Lugano – Larsson & Jennings

Stretch Platform Bluchers – Zara

Look 5: Classic Layers


What I’m Wearing:

Carleton Dress – Babaton

Lullman Sweater – Wilfred Free (similar one here, here, or here)

Felt Hat – Club Monaco (similar one here, or here)



Spring – Summer Transitioning

In this post I wanted to show you guys a few of my latest work/weekender outfits, and pieces that have been on rotation in my closet! I find the Halifax weather is ever-changing; it can be hot and humid one day, and then cool and foggy the next – which is why I love having versatile pieces in my wardrobe to make that easy transition.

With this look and below, I’ll be sharing my top picks for items to invest in for the upcoming seasons:

Shirt Dresses & Tan Suede Booties

unnamed (9)

I picked up this easy throw-on denim shirtdress from Top Shop, and I love it because of the slight asymmetrical patchwork detail (which makes it a little more unique than the other shirt dresses I currently own). The great thing about this button up is that it can easily transition from Spring to Fall, by wearing it as a dress, a shirt over a skinny jean, or wearing it open as a layering piece over your outfit. The tan cut out booties I adore! They were a steal from Zara, and a good shoe option to have in my collection 🙂

What I’m Wearing: Patchwork Denim Dress – Top Shop (find similar ones here, here, and here) / Suede Cut-Out Booties – Zara (find similar ones here, here, and here)/ Lovesome Sunglasses – Gentle Monster

unnamed (12)

Staple Leather Jacket


You’ve probably heard this time and time again (and it’s 100% true) – a leather jacket can never go out of style. It’s a great hybrid fall/spring jacket alternative that will add that extra oomph to your outfit! Plus with all the different color options, suede vs. leather, patchwork, moto, collarless etc. options, you really have no excuses but to invest in a quality product.

What I’m Wearing: Karan Jacket – Mackage / Arlenis Blouse – Wilfred Free at Aritzia / Jude Skirt – Babaton at Aritzia / Erlina Sandal – Schutz


Lightweight Denim & Summer Knits

unnamed (2)unnamed (7)

If you haven’t noticed in the last few outfits, a trend I’ve been loving during the Spring (and into Summer) is lightweight denim. It’s cut and the fabric composition is more similar to look and feel like cotton and/or linen – which is a huge plus for me for the breathability and lightness of the fabric. There are SO many great options to choose from when it comes to anything that’s denim or similar, and easy to layer on for Fall.

Check out some of my affordable online favorites below:

On another note, I also LOVE summer knits – it adds texture and an element of softness to an outfit. Plus who doesn’t like to wear sweaters all year round?

What I’m Wearing: Sage Short – Wilfred Free at Aritzia / Montero Jacket – Wilfred Free at Aritzia / Belfort Sweater – Wilfred at Aritzia (similar one here, here, and here)

unnamed (3)

Culottes & Summer Knits Cont’

Summer knits are perfect as they come in so many different textures and silhouettes (can be slinky and mold to your body shape, or they can be boxy yet soft at the same time). Here and above you’ll see two different sweater cuts that are both just as playful and fun! Test your fabrics this summer by mixing and matching until you get the combination that works best for you – for me, I love mixing in suede (or vegan suede) like with the culotte below (another find from Zara). While your at it, also try to mix your shapes and volume – for example: small top with a voluminous bottom and vice versa.

What I’m Wearing: Vegan Suede Culotte – Zara (similar one here or here), Cayenne Knit Top – Wilfred at Aritzia

unnamed (6)





Fall->Winter Lookbook

Moto-Jackets & Button-Ups

If you don’t know this about me already, I love a good transition piece; something that I can wear all-year round but in a variety of ways! Take this button up dress for example. It’s a great staple piece that I can wear open, as a top, or a dress, and it has color (yay!).

What I’m Wearing: Strokous Dress by Wilfred Free – Aritzia / Moto-Style Jacket by Wilfred – Aritzia (similar one here) / Jamie Ripped Moto Jean – TopShop / Bailey IV Bootie- Senso 

Midi Dresses & Wool Kimono Jackets

Usually for my job I am driving from one underground parkade to the next, so I can afford to go bare legs (here and there of course!). Who doesn’t love a good midi dress, and this one is actually quite pretty with a detailed mesh trim along the neckline.

What I’m Wearing: Black Wool Jacket by Wilfred – Aritzia (similar one here, here and here) / Townsent Dress by Babaton – Aritzia /

Mixing Texture

Layering is so much fun during fall & winter, and while your at it, why not play with a bit of texture? Here I’ve got faux-fur, velvet, ribbed wool, and a teddy-bear coat all combined! It’s all about combining the right amount of fabrics and styles to come up with a look that’s fun, yet still subtle.

What I’m Wearing: Teddybear Jacket by Wilfred – Aritzia (similar one here and here)/ Montpellier Sweater by Wilfred – Aritzia / Daria Pant by Wilfred Free – Aritzia / Violet Feather Vest – Club Monaco

Layering Summer

I picked up this boho airy dress this summer & was able to transition it right into my fall wardrobe with a bit of layering. Fall is all about trying new layering techniques, so why not throw on your summer frock over a pair of ripped denim or add a pair of thigh high stockings?

What I’m Wearing: Iambic Dress by Azure Skies – Aritzia (similar one here or here) / Ripped Skinny – The Castings / Alexa Knit Jacket – Club Monaco

Off Duty // Envy Clothing Company Discount Below

So work has been super busy since November, and I’ve really missed the blog. I’ve made a (super late) new years resolution though to keep it up more consistently, and besides, it really keeps the creative juices flowing! Anyway, I’ve been really going back to the basics lately – even on all my recent purchases, and I’ve realized that you really can’t have too many basic foundational pieces in your wardrobe.

Especially during the winter here in Halifax or back home in Toronto, you really need to layer up to keep warm while trying to not compromise your style at the same time (so here’s one of my current favorite layered outfits 🙂 ). Surprisingly, I was not feeling as cold as I thought I would be without my coat on when it’s a usually an ordeal to stay still while shooting in this kind of weather! A big thank you to Envy Clothing Company for sending me this lovely layering statement necklace –  I love how they’ve really gotten to know my style, and this is the perfect addition to my collection of jewelry & accessories! Also, if you show this or my instagram post when you’re shopping at any Envy Clothing Company location, you will receive 10% off any regular priced accessories (not only limited to jewelry). Super exciting!

As I’ve said in previous blog posts, a jewelry/accessories are essential in curating the perfect outfit. This double layered necklace adds that finishing touch of gold to my cream/white/black outfit story.

What I’m Wearing: Gold Doubled Layered Necklace – Envy Clothing Company // White Cropped Sweater – Vero Moda @ Envy Clothing Company // Oak Laurette Slip Dress – Wilfred @ Aritzia // Cream Mayet Jacket – Wilfred @ Aritzia // Jamie Moto Ripped Jean – Top Shop // Black Silvy Bootie – Michael by Michael Kors // Black Harlow Shopper – Michael Kors // Wool Black Fedora – Club Monaco


Fall Transition

One of the great things about the transition from Fall to Winter in the maritimes is the fact that the weather is constantly changing every day. One day it can be a high of seventeen degrees and then the next day below zero. On those “warmer” days, I love to layer up without having to wear a winter jacket or heavy coat. As many of you know, shorts, skirts, or flouncy dresses are not limited only to summertime; there are many ways you can transition your summer wardrobe into fall and winter as well! Here I paired my American Apparel  high-waisted denim with a simple cropped black sweater (Envy Clothing Company) and my staple 525 America Fur Vest. It’s so easy to stay warm while looking stylish at the same time! The following items are essential Fall ->Winter pieces I absolutely love and cannot live without which includes: oversized scarves, thigh highs & tights, fur, and ankle booties. What are some of your cold-weather staples? I would love to know!

Until next time,


*Stay tuned for my upcoming holiday edits and collaborations*

What I’m Wearing: Pop-Art Blanket Scarf – Aritzia // Wool Grey Hat – Club Monaco // Rabbit Fur Vest – 525 America // Wallet on A Chain – Prada // Opaque Thigh Highs & High-Waisted Denim Short – American Apparel // Cropped Short Sweater – Envy Clothing Company // Vegetable Tan Watch With Rose Gold Indexing – The Horse AU

Summer Weddings


I actively kept my eye out for a perfect summer wedding (guest) dress for months, and had no luck until I came across this little number last minute! I previously purchased many fitted dresses for weddings, but I wanted something different and more fun this time around. I adore the Narella Silk Dress I got on sale from Club Monaco (shop the Fall version here) because of it’s gorgeous scalloped trims and detailed pleats! Plus I was 100% sold on the hidden pockets! It’s nice to have such a versatile shift dress in my closet that I can dress up for special events like weddings, and dress down for regular weekends.

What I’m Wearing: Narella Silk Dress – Club Monaco // White Envelope Clutch – BCBG MaxAzria // Petite Camille Watch and Gold Arrow Necklace – Michael by Michael Kors



Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating this holiday or not, it’s a great excuse to whip out the chocolate and gorge on sweet delicious foods you would otherwise never include in your pantry. The hubby and I actually celebrated this past Tuesday with a delicious 3 course meal at a local steak and seafood house (Ryan & Duffy’s). Really, it was our excuse to have a cheat meal in the middle of the week when we usually have it on Saturdays!

Anyway, I actually love dressing men. I find that although everyday men’s fashion may not have as much selection as women’s (ie. strapless, crop tops, etc.)  there is a lot of detail that goes into a man’s outfit. The fact that Matt loves shopping as much as I do, is a HUGE bonus for me! I don’t think I could date a guy who didn’t like fashion (or at least didn’t appreciate it!).  And since it’s Valentine’s Day, J and I decided it was time for a couples outfit post. It took us some time to adjust to having a third person in the mix, but it was a good learning experience, and helpful for more pairings to come!

What He’s Wearing:

Blue Button Up – Club Monaco

Grey Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater – Club Monaco

Camel Cashmere Sweater – Club Monaco

Navy Skinny Chinos – Top Shop

Brown Belt – Polo Ralph Lauren

Grey & Blue Polka Dot Socks – Banana Republic

Capote Oxford Dress Shoe – To Boot New York

What She’s Wearing:

White Tiered Blouse – Talula at Aritzia

Black Minute Skort – Hello Parry

Silk Crepe Mayet Jacket – Wilfred at Aritzia

Fur Collar – H&M

Snakeskin Penny Loafers – Kate and Mel at Townshoes

Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Pendant – Tiffany’s

Pastel Structured Purse – Charles & Keith