Denim & Stripes

So we came back from Peru about a week ago, and the trip was amazing! We were able to do a lot of extreme activities including some hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, and sandboarding – however my issueย coming back is that I’m only tanned on half of my body as you can see from my pasty legs above ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Anyway, it’s been an adjustment trying to get back into the swing of things and getting my routine back. I’ve been trying to soak in the sun as much as I can on my days off as well as getting out and walking around the city. I didn’t even notice, but there has been a lot of redevelopment happening in around Halifax. It’s so great to see new cafes and boutiques, and that’s where I’ve been spending most of my days!

So all of the items I’m wearing are actually older pieces I had forgotten about and recently rummaged up from my closet. Both my rubber sandals and dress are from French Connectionย for a really good deal during a sale last year. I don’t shop there often, but now and then I find a few good gems! Here’s another one of their dresses that I’m currently coveting.ย ย The jean jacket I purchased a couple years ago at H&M, and my Chambray Shirt is from Mendocino Clothingย in Toronto. I love this look becauseย it has pieces I can re-wear, and it was super affordable too!


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