Long Sleeved Duster

It’s been too long since my last post, and with the warm weather coming it will be the perfect season for shooting. It’s funny how life can get so busy on you that you forget to take a breather and do the things you enjoy the most! Anyway, I’ll be off traveling to Peru on Saturday and I am BEYOND excited – and I still have so much to do! I’ve been to so many places around the world, but this will be my first destination in South America. Needless to say, I am in desperate need of a vacation πŸ˜‰

I found this lovely duster coat at Top Shop on my last Toronto trip, and it is fabulous! It’s not as formal as a blazer, but not as casual as a sweater and I am loving it because it pairs well with so many items in my closet! As usual, I am sporting my distressed boyfriend jeans on my day off (I really need to stop buying those but I am in love with them!) and a simple tiered tank from Aritzia. Just another weekend at the farmer’s market!



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