Study By Day -> Party By Night // My Day With Envy Clothing

This Fall, I collaborated with Envy Clothing Company to bring you outfit pairings for Back-To-School! When I was asked to do this collaboration, it brought me back to my college days when I had to figure out what was comfortable, but fashionable for studying. And within every college or university, you’ll definitely find different fashion personalities and styles, so I came up with 5 different styles you can see above (starting from the left):

1) Hobo Chic – It’s all about maxi skirts, layered necklaces, and draped sweaters. What is more boho chic than that? I am loving the addition of the wool hat with the feather detail and the leather Matt&Natt Crossbody. Play around with bodychains and layering chunky knits this season!

2) Street Style – One of my favorite looks, street chic is all about combining the hard and soft textiles. You need a staple pair of loose boyfriend jeans (size up!) and definitely some plaid and leather in your closet! Throw on some plaid or leather around your waist with an outfit you and your bf could possibly share, and a leather jacket; you’re good to go! Look for the perfect shades to give you that effortless, cool – look.

3) Prepped Up – This semester it’s all about blazers, denim crop jackets, flouncy skirts, and embellishment. Pair a comfortable high waisted skirt with a jeweled top and a cute jacket. Don’t forget to add on your staple ballet flats!

4) Trendy – In with the trends, you’re always rocking pieces from the fashion magazines! Put on that silky patterned jumpsuit with a loose vest, and you’re ready to hit the books! Don’t forget to save money in the bank for that new Canada Goose jacket you wanted for the cold Canadian winters!

5) Sports Inspired – Baseball T’s, cargo pants, bomber jackets, and leather caps are your go-to pieces! Another one of my favorites, make your outfit stand out with a statement baseball T from Maison Scotch and throw on a bomber around your waist in case it gets cold in the library!

When I was coming up with the outfits for this semester, I thought it wouldn’t be college perfect without the right nighttime outfits to go along with it, which was when I came up with the theme:Β Study By Day, Party By Night. University/college is the perfect time for you to test new styles and figure out what works and what doesn’t work for you! It’s also where the craziest stories will come from, and why not look good and enjoy it while it lasts. So check out both Halifax Envy locations for my picks for Back-To-School fashion, and I’ll see you around!





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