Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating this holiday or not, it’s a great excuse to whip out the chocolate and gorge on sweet delicious foods you would otherwise never include in your pantry. The hubby and I actually celebrated this past Tuesday with a delicious 3 course meal at a local steak and seafood house (Ryan & Duffy’s). Really, it was our excuse to have a cheat meal in the middle of the week when we usually have it on Saturdays!

Anyway, I actually love dressing men. I find that although everyday men’s fashion may not have as much selection as women’s (ie. strapless, crop tops, etc.) Β there is a lot of detail that goes into a man’s outfit. The fact that Matt loves shopping as much as I do, is a HUGE bonus for me! I don’t think I could date a guy who didn’t like fashion (or at least didn’t appreciate it!). Β And since it’s Valentine’s Day, J and I decided it was time for a couples outfit post. It took us some time to adjust to having a third person in the mix, but it was a good learning experience, and helpful for more pairings to come!

What He’s Wearing:

Blue Button Up – Club Monaco

Grey Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater – Club Monaco

Camel Cashmere Sweater – Club Monaco

Navy Skinny Chinos – Top Shop

Brown Belt – Polo Ralph Lauren

Grey & Blue Polka Dot Socks – Banana Republic

Capote Oxford Dress Shoe – To Boot New York

What She’s Wearing:

White Tiered Blouse – Talula at Aritzia

Black Minute Skort – Hello Parry

Silk Crepe Mayet Jacket – Wilfred at Aritzia

Fur Collar – H&M

Snakeskin Penny Loafers – Kate and Mel at Townshoes

Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Pendant – Tiffany’s

Pastel Structured Purse – Charles & Keith


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