Ponchos & Embellishments

Although I’m a gal that loves my luxe fabrics and more expensive brands, it is always essential for me to also buy affordable pieces especially when I’m on a budget! I’ve had this open poncho sweater for a while now and I absolutely love the design and color of it (it can be paired with so many things in my closet!), plus it adds a different take on the drapey sweater look. I got the dress for $15 at top shop on sale (what a steal!); credits to my mum who spotted it out of the millions of racks during Christmas last year ❀

I think it’s a skillful art when someone can pair inexpensive pieces together to make a tasteful outfit. One doesn’t necessarily need every single part of their outfit to be high end to look good; they just need to attend to all the minor details like accessorizing with jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, hats etc.

What I’m Wearing:

Jeweled Adjustable Bangle – Banana Republic

Brown Faux Leather Clasp Bracelet – Banana Republic

Embellished Dress- Top Shop

Poncho Sweater – H&M

Beaded Ring – Pandora


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