Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of my favorite places on earth (that I’ve traveled to so far!). I love it because it’s adaptable for whatever type of vacation you’re looking for (whether it’s adventure, relaxation, etc.) The first time I came here (2 years ago) with my best friend from uni, I immediately fell in love with the place. It was like the perfect getaway for a couple of days, and you couldn’t help but feel like you were in some sort of paradise.

This summer I brought Matt here and we stayed at the Aroma Suites with a view of the cliffside and the ocean. I would definitely recommend shelling out a little more cash for a hotel along the cliff; it’s worth every penny! Every morning we woke up to a gorgeous view and a delicious Greek breakfast to fuel us for a long day of activities. One of the great things Matt and I have in common is our love for seeking adrenaline and adventure. We rented out an ATV as our mode of transportation to explore the island and cliffs instead of taking a car or bus. It was great fun and gave me such a rush riding so close along the edge of the cliff!

In the mornings we would have breakfast and walk into the bustling town square for a bit of local shopping (and to buy some pastries for the beach). Then we would take our ATV to the different beaches of Santorini, like the black sand and red sand beaches. We would spend most of our early afternoon there soaking in the rays with a cold drink in hand. Then we would either go on a hike up the cliffs or ride the donkeys down to the seaport. I would also recommend riding the donkeys (it is kind of scary because they slip sometimes and the stairs going down the cliff can seem steep, but it’s very fun). Then on one of the late afternoons/early evenings we took a boat tour to the volcanic islands and hot springs ending off with a sunset tour. In the evenings, Matt and I would explore the bustling nightlife in Fira. One of the evenings we rode out to the other end of the island to eat at a local family-owned restaurant that fished for their product during the day and served it in the evenings. We enjoyed some locally grilled whole-fish while watching the sunset dip into the ocean.

Overall I think Santorini was one of our favorite places on this mini Europe trip, because we weren’t on a tight schedule. We made up our itinerary as we went along and it was such a nice change of pace (plus the environment itself helped a lot too!). Previous to this I had been to Paros, Crete, and Athens. What is your favorite place to visit in Greece? I would love to know for my next Greek adventure!

Till next time, xo!


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