Winter Is Coming

J and I took a walk around my neighborhood near downtown Halifax and you can definitely feel the chill in the air. It’s getting quite cold for photos but we find they turn out the best in natural light! On another note with the freezing weather approaching, gives me more reason to steal my boyfriend’s sweaters and jackets!

I love to browse around the men’s section of stores like JCrew, TopShop, Club Monaco, Zara, because they sometimes have a better selection of sweaters and shirts with a looser fit (and sometimes better price!). It adds a nice touch to layering for the wintertime, plus I can swap clothes with the boyfriend when I get bored of the items πŸ˜›

What I’m wearing:

Cable Knit Cardigan – Top Shop (Men’s)

Colorblocked Pant – Wilfred at Wilfred Stores and Aritzia Stores

Sheer Back Tank – H&M

Leather and Crepe Jacket (under the cardigan) – Mustard Seed at Mendocino Stores

Brown Suede Bootie – Kate and Mel at Town Shoes

Wool Knot Headband – Forever21


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