Coffee, Fur, and Macarons.

I recently received a special delivery of sweets from ‘Butter Avenue’ through a friend visiting Toronto over the weekend. Macarons are one of my favorite desserts with the crisp outer shell and soft chewy interior. After my trip to Paris, I looked for places in Toronto that were similar to Laduree and Pierre Herme (obviously it wouldn’t be the same, but i found something close!)

‘Butter Avenue’ (located between Lawrence/Yorkmills station on Yonge), became one of my favorite go-to places for dessert dates. They have a nice quiet minimalist interior, and an array of teas, macarons, cakes, and tarts to choose from!

On another note, it is getting quite chilly over here in Halifax, but it hasn’t started snowing too much yet. I’ve been loving my 525 America fur vest as it not only keeps you warm, but looks good too! I paired it with one of my favorite blouses and a skort, but you can only see my upper body in the photos. Will do a full outfit shoot soon!

What I’m Wearing:

– Sheer black and gold polka-dotted button up from Zara

– Basic fur vest from 525 America

– Watch from Michael Kors

– Necklace from Matoto on Etsy (

I pasted Butter Avenue’s website here below:


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